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EPOCH, where life is up to you! We're not just another manufacturer of electronic dartboards - we're on a mission to empower you to create and connect like never before.


Hit the bullseye with precision and ease, And create memories that will always please. Take control of your game and your life, it's true, With EPOCH's dart arcade, there's nothing you can't do.


Our brand represents your uncompromising perfect insistence and your freedom to live the life you want. At EDARTS, we believe in putting power in your hands. We don't just make electronic dartboards - we make unique works of art that bring people together. We're talking about family and friends connecting, laughter ringing, and memories being made. With our products, you're not just getting a dartboard - you're getting a way of life.


每款遊戲有獨特的led聲光效果呈現 ex: FIREWORKS GAME

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Turn Any Space into a Rager

EPOCH's gorgeous lighting and powerful sound system will ignite your senses and transport you into a world of high-energy excitement that's perfect for any occasion. Whether you're looking to host a big bash or a small gathering of friends, our dart arcade will make sure that everyone has a blast. Turn any space into a rager with EPOCH's dart arcade and make your party unforgettable.


Document Your Victories

Record every exciting moment with ease,

From thrower to dartboard, capture with clarity.

With EPOCH's dual lenses, no detail is missed.


Make Every Moment Epic on the Big Screen

EPOCH, with a big, beautiful 24-inch touch screen, you'll feel like you're part of the action. Plus, the dual-display feature means you get an even more immersive and enjoyable darting experience. So why settle for anything less? Come see for yourself and make every moment truly epic on the big screen.


Customize your Dart Storage

Keep your dart accessories organized with EPOCH's locked cabinet. Our storage solution ensures a neat and elegant space, so you can focus on your game.


Stand Taller with EPOCH's Heavy-Duty Standing Area

Stand a little taller with EPOCH's Heavy-Duty Standing Area. Our standing area is designed to support heavy weights, and our unique design allows for easy dart removal by anyone.


Simplifying dart arcade Fixes

EPOCH come equipped with flip-down panel workstations designed to make maintenance and fixing quick and easy. Say goodbye to lengthy and complicated repair processes and hello to a seamless dart arcade experience.


Portable Electronic dart arcade

EPOCH dart arcade machine is easy to transport, with a disassembled upper part that can be placed in the standing area. Perfect for game rooms and parties, it offers unmatched performance and creative flexibility.


The Ultimate dart arcade Package

EPOCH comes with everything you need for the ultimate experience, including 12 darts, 100 spare dart tips, extra 12 flights, and replacement segments. Our throw lines ensure a hassle-free gaming experience for dart enthusiasts of all levels.


The Frictionless Dart Experience

EPOCH gives you 5 classic game modes with user-friendly title and game screen. The games are designed to be accessible and enjoyable for everyone.