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Start playing and get unique gifts with our A1 Bluetooth electronic dartboard

Replaceable Dartboard Accessories


The A1 Bluetooth electronic dartboard can be customized with the school logo and emblem, and you could have fun while showing off school pride.

2 A1 dartboards, one customized with EDARTS logo and another customized with SDB Darts
A1 electronic dartboard

A1, that makes you amazed

Enhance experience with exceptional features

Special Gifts
Noise Reduction feature
Optimal Weight for improved experience
Easy to connect App and have fun


Noise Reduction


Easy Connect

Online Match


GIFTS for initial sale!

Get in on the action with our initial sale! Shop now to receive exclusive gifts, the total value of the luxury accessories is up to USD40.
These gifts are limited, so act fast before they run out!

Introduction of darts accessories detail
Exploring the Internal Structure of the Dartboard
Noise Reduction feature makes players not to worry too much about noise

Noise Reduction

The special design in A1 can reduce noise effectively while hitting

Optimal dart experience

Optimal Dart Experience

A1 high-quality darts have an optimal weight for improved experiences

Appearance of darts on the dartboard
Simple installation illustrations
Easy to set-up

Easy Setup

Installation? A piece of cake!

Easy Connection

Easy Connection

Just 3 steps, start the game!

Steps for A1 to connect via Bluetooth
Easy Dartboard Removal & Storage
Easy storage of A1 electronic dartboard

Easy Removal & Storage

Easy to remove and store the dartboard from dust with the hanging bracket


Online Match

Use our app to play online matches with players worldwide

Google Play QR code for SDB
App Store QR code for SDB
Google Play
App Store
SDB play online match surface
Various online dart games and modes

Rich Games

A vast library of various dart games and modes

Global Sports

Shares and recommended by KOL

A1 electronic dartboard displayed by different KOL
 Animation bazaar that shows personal style

Animation Bazaar

Show your personal style

Installation and removal

Patented dartboard holder for drilling free experience. For removal, slowly stretch the strip straight down against the wall

Illustration of installation and removal procedures
Anchor 1
Detailed installation steps for hanging dartboard

Steps of installation

1. Put the 3M sticker on the holder
2. Stick according to the 3M instruction
3. Mark the center of the bulls-eye at 
     1.73m from the floor

4. Clean the surface before pressing the
     holder for 10 seconds against the wall
     then wait 1 hour before hanging

5. Put the foot pads on the circle spot
6. Put the noise reduction pad
7. Hang the dartboard and adjust the position

Tips while playing

Little tips for you about pulling out and assembling darts

Tips about pulling out and assembling darts
Highlight the fascinating dartboard features

Product details

High-quality product with charming details


- Diameter of A1 Dartboard: 472mm
  (47.7 x 47.7 x 3.7 cm)
- Segment size: 15.5"
- Player amounts: 1-4 persons
- Power supply: AA battery x2 (not included)
- 6 darts with 30 spare tips

Electronic dartboard display diameter of 472mm
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