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The appearance of EDARTS Epoch and Mini can be fully customized to suit your unique style, whether it's a sports car, trendy brand, or retro feel.


Also, we offer customizable dart-throwing effects, sound effects, animations, wallpapers, and games.

Let's WOW your customers!

Epoch_胡桃木 拷貝_narrow.png


If your clients want to advertise for the special campaign, the new products, or anything they want their customers to know, the campaign can be broadcasted via the EDARTS monitor.


Coin Slot on Epoch

With the classic coin slot, you can provide your customers with a nice experience. It can be found on EDARTS Epoch. Remember the sensation of tossing tokens into an arcade game, as well as the sound, touch, and reaction the machine provides. Furthermore, operating a prosperous business is permitted! Let's get started!


XPA target block

EDARTS can reduce play noise effectively by using XPA material and structure. Neo-Segment of XPA material decreases darts rebounding rate and enhances the segment durability.

The Best Material for Noise Canceling

XPA material has the best performance in reducing playing noise in any frequency. The high target rate can also reduce the damage of darts and floor.


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