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EDARTS Ubiquity

EDARTS can be found in bars, five-star hotels, casinos, offices, and more. Our dart boards are suitable for players of all skill levels and are perfect for social events or team-building activities.


As a custom service provider, EDARTS' philosophy is to provide tailor-made solutions that exceed client expectations. Our exclusive customization options and high-end materials elevate the luxury experience, giving you a unique and personal touch。

EDARTS Characteristics

EDARTS offers a luxurious exterior made of high-grade metal and an exclusive XPA target block that is durable, moisture-proof, and strong. With over 30 exclusive online dart games and customizable LED lighting technology. Our dartboard's appearance can be fully customized to suit your unique style, whether it's a sports car, trendy brand, or retro feel. We offer customizable dart-throwing effects, sound effects, animations, wallpapers, and games.


Equipped with a global display network video advertisement and intelligent monitoring background data, our dartboard allows you to check the leaderboard and watch different types of advertisements when on standby. Our app software provides a virtual membership card, enabling quick login and the addition of friends from around the world.

We provide tailor-made services to fulfill each client's dream.


Lounge Bar

EDARTS is the perfect addition to any sports or gaming-themed bar. With customizable designs, these electronic dart machines not only provide endless entertainment for your patrons but also add a touch of high-tech sophistication to your bar's aesthetic.


Customers will love the excitement of playing electronic darts while enjoying their favorite drinks and food, and the added element of competition is sure to keep them coming back for more. Don't miss out on the opportunity to elevate your bar with the versatile and high-end design of EDARTS.



Office break room with our safe and versatile EDARTS, which add luxury to any commercial space and provide a fun activity for employees during breaks. With multiple game modes, they promote friendly competition, boost morale, and offer team-building opportunities. Give your team a chance to unwind and have fun during downtime with our electronic dartboards.

Five-star hotel

5-star hotel rooms with EDARTS electronic dartboards as standard amenities. They add sophistication to your interior design and enhance the artistic flair of your guest rooms. Guests can enjoy a unique and fun activity during their stay. Offering electronic dartboards sets your hotel apart and leaves a lasting impression on guests. Let EDARTS help you elevate the luxury and entertainment value of your hotel.


​Entertainment Venue

EDARTS can be placed in various entertainment venues, such as amusement parks, arcades, internet cafes, and shopping centers, to provide patrons with fun and excitement. They also add a touch of luxury and sophistication to the venue with their customized design, making it stand out from the rest. Additionally, they can be used as a competitive sport, attracting those interested in darts to participate in competitions, further enhancing the venue's vitality and appeal.


To be a distributor

As a globally renowned manufacturer of electronic dart machines, we offer not only customizable designs but also software gaming technology to create a one-of-a-kind electronic dart machine that is exclusively yours. From design and production to sales, we provide a one-stop-shop service with high demands on product quality.


No matter what industry you're in (whether it's personal, corporate, or online), if you love our products and want to become our domestic or international partner, we welcome you to join us.

Take action now to unlock unlimited possibilities 

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