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EDARTS Inspiration 

Elegance for every space


for commercial


for residential

Dartboard Machine in White and Gray Settings

Game night with lover

Enjoy EDARTS Mini that brings people together! Perfect for home and office settings, these machines offer a modern and convenient gaming experience.

A Timeless Classic

Gather the family with EDARTS Epoch! Realistic sound effects, sturdy construction, and simple designs offer endless fun and lasting memories.

Black Wall Display Of Edarts Mini Dartboard In Blue Near Sofa
Space Gray standing darts machine with LED surroung  next to KAWS' figure
Oak White Electronic Dart Machine Beside Pool Table and Orange Sofa

Work hard, play hard

Your workspace with EDARTS Epoch, perfect for mature businessmen to take a break and boost productivity and creativity while having fun with colleagues or clients.

Dartboard Machine in a Wood-Decorated Home Among White Furniture

A gentle and elegant touch to you

Creates a timeless and luxurious living room design with our sleek and elegant EDARTS Epoch. It's the perfect centerpiece for any sophisticated home decor.

Majestic and poised

Your mancave with an EDARTS Epoch that perfectly complements your rugged decor and cozy atmosphere. Bring your buddies together for a fun-filled evening of friendly competition and laid-back relaxation.

Collect art and inspiration

Stylish obsidian EDARTS Mini electronic dart machine with sleek stainless steel design. Exceptional gaming and decor for the lounge.

Opulent gaming chamber

Elevate the ambiance of your gaming room with our sophisticated EDARTS Epoch dart arcade machine, boasting a sleek and stylish wood-grain finish.

Black with wooden looking standing electronic dartboard nexto to black sofa

Relax in comfort

Bring fun and playfulness to your family study space with our compact and lively EDARTS Mini. Perfect for adding a touch of sunshine and leisure to the family room.

Standing Black Electronic Dartboard with Wood Aesthetics for Living Room Elegance
Silver Electronic Dartboard with Wood Aesthetics in an industrial-themed room

Customized to meet your every need

Experience the thrill of a customized and rebellious EDARTS Epoch electronic dart arcade designed to match the style of a sports car.

Presenting modern technology and natural aesthetics with a black wooden darts machine

Comfortable and elegant, quiet atmosphere

Upgrade the ambiance of your peaceful private club or cozy Airbnb with a sleek white EDARTS Epoch, premium tiles, and warm lighting, creating an atmosphere of luxury and relaxation.

Simple aesthetics, natural and pure

Add a touch of Scandinavian minimalism and post-modern style to your living space with our EDARTS Epoch. Enjoy the perfect balance of modern technology and natural aesthetics.

Beige EDARTS Epoch machine with warm lighting, creating an atmosphere of luxury and relaxation
Enhance game room with an EDARTS Mini machine, perfect for a gentleman's retreat or private club

Natural and elegant, woody elegance.

The minimalist wooden design exudes sophistication. Our EDARTS Epoch dart arcade complements your tranquil home decor.

Gaming galore for guys

Enhance your game room with an EDARTS Mini, perfect for a gentleman's retreat or private club. Enjoy friendly competition with a classic game that never goes out of style, ideal for mature players seeking youthful fun.

Oak White Design dart machine seamlessly blends in, creating a comfortable and inviting atmosphere
Waveless Oak White Dart Machine with Coffee-Toned Wood Decor by the Staircase
Illuminated by warm lighting, the white wooden dart machine with cozy wood accents

Mature charm and extraordinary texture

Upgrade your entertainment space with our all-black EDARTS Epoch, featuring a sleek and sophisticated design tailored for the modern, tech-savvy gentleman.

Regal elegance fit for a castle

Step into a regal English castle with our classic design EDARTS Epoch dart arcade. Enjoy endless hours of fun in the comfort of your own castle.

Wooden looking dart machine hangs on the brick wall next to the pool table
Using an all-black dart machine in a stylish room with black tones

Tailored to fit your unique requirements

Whether walking the moon or exploring a black hole, our custom-designed EDARTS Epoch provides the perfect entertainment experience for any galactic adventure


Do You Have Game?

Is your dartboard the pride and joy of your home arcade? We’d love to see! Show us the setup of your rec room, man cave, or in-home dartboard to be featured on our website.

EDARTS reserves the right to modify the rules for website and service usage.

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