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Remember the classic games that make us laugh and excited? Charades, Pictionary, or Musical Chairs, are often enjoyed by people of all ages. The classic games encourage creativity, communication, and laughter.

Dartsgame not only can generate joyous moments or features that may be the key to making your business more successful, but also offer a more organic and natural way for clients to have a great and happy experience.


Why Dartboards? Why EDARTS?

Dartsgame could be the solution in a variety of ways, such as making money for your business, developing a reputation, or bringing a great method with team development.​


For Wholesalers

EDARTS provides wholesalers with a good option to attract present or potential customers. Dartboards serve as icebreakers, encouraging conversation and networking, leading to better business interactions and potential sales opportunities.


For Interior Design

Interior design could benefit from EDARTS customization services. It increases the chance of being a wonderful element in your home with a fun function.


For Hotel

EDARTS may enhance your gaming room facilities to provide a more enjoyable experience for customers staying at your hotel. Of course, our customized service can be tailored to the hotel's design.


For Distributors

Dartboards can be marketed to different establishments like clubs, bars, gaming rooms, and expanding distribution channels. The associated accessories and consumables provide opportunities for repeat sales and additional revenue streams. EDARTS provides the possibility of customization to meet various requirements.


For Club

EDARTS can help to increase a lot with your fantastic main services by providing more entertaining stuff and creating more joyful times.


For Office

Darts are a fun and engaging pastime that may be used for team building and networking activities. It fosters relationships, promotes teamwork, and fosters a sense of togetherness.


For School

Regardless of the weather, students and teachers can enjoy dartsgame which is a sport, an activity, and a competition.



The appearance of EDARTS Epoch and Mini can be fully customized to suit your unique style, whether it's a sports car, trendy brand, or retro feel.


Also, we offer customizable dart-throwing effects, sound effects, animations, wallpapers, and games.

Let's WOW your customers!

Epoch_胡桃木 拷貝_narrow.png



If your clients want to advertise for the special campaign, the new products, or anything they want their customers to know, the campaign can be broadcasted via the EDARTS monitor.



Price Range

EDARTS has products that include the lowest and highest prices that consumers can expect to pay for a particular item or offer. It serves as a guide for potential buyers to assess affordability and make informed purchasing decisions. The price range provides a broad overview of the cost variations, allowing consumers to navigate their options effectively.



Maintenance Group

The EDARTS app lets gamers to accomplish a variety of things with it.
In order to provide the best gaming experience, we have a dedicated team of over 15 people to keep the EDASRTS app running effectively. Members are constantly upgrading, troubleshooting, and improving the system to avoid it crashing or causing inconvenience to gamers.


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