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Electronic Dartboard Manufacture Partner

Being an industry leader in electronic dartboards, we would like to share our passion with you if you have requirements or anything about electronic dartboard manufacturing.

1. Customization Competency

Our extensive history as a manufacturer gives us unparalleled know-how in customizing the dartboards to the demands of our clients. Due to the capacity for customization, it makes our dartboards unique and one of a kind. It’s an expressive nature of oneself, which is why it’s hard to put a cap or price on this. What’s more, the customization extend to the dart-throwing effects, sound effects, animations, wallpapers, and even games! Wow your clients as we satisfy any of their customization requests.

Cusomized dart machine with wooden texture and color
Cusomized dart machine with different the racing car design
Cusomized dart machine with a trendy brand design and color

2. Advertising & Broadcasting

What makes EDARTS so attractive is its ability as an asset to generate value and revenue, which over time, can generate the income to overcome the initial cost and transform into a tool of profit. Even when not generating revenue directly through its play, its versatility is evident when it can be used as a tool to broadcast promotions or special campaigns, serving as a resourceful communication tool to the various application setting, including bars, hotels, etc.

Advertising & Broadcasting

3. Clear Product Segmentation

The current product portfolio clearly differentiates the value of the three EDARTS products, with different target audiences. This enables you to target different segments of the market and diversify the potential clients you can target. The price and feature variations are consistent and not ambiguous, making it easy not just for you, but your potential buyers as well, so they can make accurate, informed purchase decisions.

4. Full Product Support

Perhaps the most important point of all, we are here to fully support you on all fronts. On a product marketing level, we will work with you and supply all requisite marketing resources and training to ensure successful exposure to market. On a product support level, we have a dedicated team of engineers fully supporting the smooth operation of the software, continually striving to improve it, as well as production team ensuring the hardware is in fine form. Should any unlikely issue occur, our customer support team will handle and resolve the issue promptly by coordinating with the relevant department. Our success is predicated on yours, which is why we’ll work diligently with you to ensure the satisfaction of your clients.


Birds of a feather flock together. If we share the same interests and values, we’d love to work with you! Contact us for more information.

Demonstrate distinct product segmentation across dartboard levels
Engineers Ensuring Seamless Software Performance
Sales Representative
Distributors/Wholesalers represented by Several Boxes of Goods

Distributors/ Wholesalers

The potential applications of electronic dartboards are limitless and we would like to work with distributors that recognize this potential and would like to expand their electronic dartboard lines. We offer marketing support, training, and a lucrative pricing structure that maximizes your margin. For wholesalers who recognize the bourgeoning interest in electronic darts, we offer reduced pricing to ensure cooperating with us to be a profitable partnership.

Resellers represented by goods and flying arrows


If you can identify opportunities within the diverse range of applications and would like to add EDARTS to the products you carry, we’re more than happy to discuss with you and hash out details on how we can work together moving forward. Our unique customizations of dartboards creates unlimited possibilities and once you uncover these market openings, we’re anxious to work with you.

Interior of Restaurant
Representing interior designers with illustrated home interior scenes

Interior Designers

The customization capacity of EDARTS Arcade series sets it apart from all others. It can enrich the designs interior designers  have for their clients. Ranging from mancaves and game rooms to elegant décor additions, EDARTS fulfills any bespoke requirements. The design can extend beyond the home, such as game rooms for luxury condos, forming a cohesive design of prestige.  We can fulfil the various customizations and look forward to actualizing the creativity of the designers.

After knowing what DARTS can bring to you, why not know more facts about us?

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