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EDARTS Mini Electronic Dartboard

When hobby and exercise cross with a touch of aesthetics, you have EDARTS Mini, which can serve as an expressive outlet for dart players with a fashion flair. Despite different types of dartboards, the Mini is the perfect one where you can hone your dart throwing skills on a board that unleashes your creative pizzazz.

Eletronic dartboard in red hung next to a projector screen
Electric dart board in green hung in a bright room
Wooden looking dart board electronic in man cave

Metallic Silver

Night Black


Customization dartboard in wooden look
Plain colour in black and red
Pure color dartboard in blue
Solid color dart board in turquoise
Custom dart board in vibrant colors
Custom dartboard in military style


Customizing to your specific style and imagination. Let your creativity run wild, go big and allow EDARTS Mini to be your perfect decor.

An atmosphere of family fun, offering moments of joy and quality time spent with loved ones

Classy and Posh Pleasure

Bond with family and friends with a wide assortment of dart games at your disposal.The endless fun and laughter forges memories to reminisce upon, good times with fine people.

Different color of Dazzling/Stunning Effects

Dazzling/Stunning Effects

Have your adrenaline pump as the thrilling sensation take your sensory perception on a ride.

When hitting the bullseye, the target lights up

Hit the bullseye and watch the targets light up with electrifying excitement

Dartboard real soung when hitting

Real Game Sound

Dart board with user-friendly operation
Live camera for the electronic dart machine EDARTS Mini
Electronic dart machine with camera and touch screen

Slick Screen & Camera

The large 21’5 touch screen infuses the Mini with a look of sophistication, but adds easy, user-friendly operation. The screen complements with the camera to create an upgraded social gaming experience when connected online.

Classic 01 Dartboard Game in EDARTS App


Play online darts game with friends through Bluetooth


Enjoy the fun of CRICKET in EDARTS App


Party Mode a delightful way to have fun with your friends

Party Mode

Abundance of Games

Each machine is equipped with over 30 games, supplying endless fun to all. From beginner to experienced, young to old, everyone will have a blast with the diversity of games at your disposal.

Download on the APP Store
Scan the code to access the download page on the Apple Store
Get it on Google Play
Scan the code to access the download page on the Google Play


To complete a comprehensive electronic dart experience, it was imperative that the app extended the fun beyond the dartboard itself, on top of making it easy to play. Features of the EDARTS App include:

.Customized desktops

.Real-time data

.Global rankings

.Community engagement

.Virtual cards

Record your matches, share records,  and claim bragging rights as you play with friends, family, or competitors around the world.

Accessories of replacement segments
Darts Storage bag with EDARTS Logo
Twelve darts with different colors
Aluminum Throw Line with EDARTS Logo

Various Accessories

To ensure you have the best possible darting experience, your EDARTS Mini comes with an accessory package that includes  12 barrels, 100 dart tips, 24 integrated dart flights, and replacement segments. A throw line is also included to ensure a fair game for all.

Wholesale man using computer in a warehouse

Partner with EDARTS

Tons of reasons for you to think about partnering with EDARTS, check them out so that we bring you more possibilities.

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