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Epoch, Epic Fun from the arcade

Supreme Entertainment. Decor Enrichment

EDARTS Epoch Electronic Commercial Dart Machine

A perfect complement to any game room, office, or man caves, supplying boisterous entertainment with buddies while taking up minimal space.

Wooden looking, black, standing electronic dart machines to left of TV in a classy, living room setting
bright and well-lit room with white, standing electronic dart machines left of fireplace-like structure
White, standing electronic dart machines to the left of TV in a modern living room setting
Wooden looking, black, standing electronic dart machines as a living room display

Polar White

Night Black

for the commercial dartboard

Two standing electronic dart machines, one in black and one in white

for the commercial dart machine

Customizing to your specific style and imagination. Let your creativity run wild, go big and allow EDARTS Epoch to be your perfect decor.

Standing electronic dart machine in white

Maximum Enjoyment. Minimum Space.

Not like a pool table which takes up much space, Epoch is slim and tall and fits the most spaces. It also makes flexibility for any game room, office, or man cave, supplying boisterous entertainment with buddies while taking up minimal space.

Highlighting bottom storage area of standing electronic dart machine

Dart storage

The target of the electronic dart machine shown

Simplifying fixes

Highlight elevated platform of standing electronic dart machine

Standing platform

Standing dart machine foldable into shorter one piece

Disassembly and movable


Enjoy the user-friendly design of Epoch's Dart Storage Case, Convenient Standing Area, Easy maintenance of the board, and convenient separate parts for moving.

A family of four with 2 parents, son, and daughter frolicking in front of the couch

Classy and Posh Pleasure

Bond with family and friends with a wide assortment of dart games at your disposal.The endless fun and laughter forges memories to reminisce upon, good times with fine people.

Immersive Social Experience

With dual cameras paired with dual Full-HD touch screens, fully immerse yourself in an interactive darting experience with out of town friends and players around the world.

Upper camera shows player throwing darts
Lower camera shows dart landing on dartboard
Focus of dual cameras, which shows player throwing darts and dart landing on dartboard

Dazzling/Stunning Effects

Have your adrenaline pump as the thrilling sensation take your sensory perception on a ride.

A section on the dartboard highlighted in red

Hit the bullseye and watch the targets light up with electrifying excitement

Flashing dartboard

Real Game Sound

White, standing electronic dart machines
Zoom-in to coin slot on the left side of white stand up dartboard
Display of 01 games interface in EDARTS App


Display of Online game interface in EDARTS App


Display of cricket interface in EDARS app


Display of party mode of EDARTS app

Party Mode

Arcade Nostalgia

Re-live the good ol’ days at the arcade as we re-create the experience with coin slots and exhilarating sound and light effects that make your heart race.

Abundance of Games

Each machine is equipped with over 30 games, supplying endless fun to all. From beginner to experienced, young to old, everyone will have a blast with the diversity of games at your disposal.

Apple logo with download on the App store beside the logo
QR code to scan in the Apple Store
Google play logo with get it on Google Play beside it
QR code to scan in the Google Play store


To complete a comprehensive electronic dart experience, it was imperative that the app extended the fun beyond the dartboard itself, on top of making it easy to play. Features of the EDARTS App include:

.Customized desktops

.Real-time data

.Global rankings

.Community engagement

.Virtual cards

Record your matches, share records,  and claim bragging rights as you play with friends, family, or competitors around the world.

Set of target blocks
Black rectangular case with golden lettering of EDARTS games in front
Twelve soft-tipped darts, 6 in black, 3 in red, and 3 in blue
Black, rectangular mat with golden lettering EDARTS Games on top

Various Accessories

Epoch offers everything you need to enjoy the ultimate dart gaming experience. Our package includes 12 high-quality darts, a set of premium rugs, a complete set of target blocks, and a sleek dart case to keep your equipment organized.

Wholesale man using computer in a warehouse

Partner with EDARTS

Tons of reasons for you to think about partnering with EDARTS, check them out so that we bring you more possibilities.

Before getting an Epoch

Being interested in this awesome arcade dart machine? Here we have frequently asked questions for you about Epoch before making a decision. Please check them out.

Q: We know that Epoch is a commercial dart machine,  and how long will it take for Epoch to be delivered?

Q: It's a commercial dart machine, so is assembly required for Epoch? How easy is it to set up?

Q: What are the dimensions of Epoch?

Q: What are the dimensions of Epoch package?

Q: Is EDARTS Epoch safe for children?

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