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How to play 01 dart game?

Prepare a dartboard and a set of darts to play the classic 01 dart game(301 or 501). The objective of the game is to reach exactly zero points by subtracting your score with each dart throw. Here's a step-by-step guide on how to play:

A walking heart introduces how to play 01-game in dart world
A walking heart shows you the most common types of 01-game

Set up the dartboard: Hang the dartboard on a wall or use a dartboard stand at the regulation height and distance. The center of the bullseye should be 5 feet 8 inches (1.73 meters) above the floor.

  1. Determine the starting score: Each player starts with a designated starting score, usually 301 or 501 points. The goal is to reduce this score to exactly zero.

  2. Decide the playing order: You can either flip a coin or use another method to determine who goes first. Alternatively, players can take turns.

  3. Begin the game: Each player takes turns throwing three darts per round. Subtract the score of each dart from the total score.

  4. Scoring: The dartboard is divided into different sections, each with a corresponding point value. The scoring areas are introduced here: how-to-count-points-on-a-dart-board

  5. Scoring mechanics: Subtract the score obtained with each dart throw from the total score. The score is deducted from the starting score, and the reduced score becomes the new score. The player should aim to reach exactly zero to win the game.

  6. Finishing the game: As players approach zero, they must land on a double (outer double ring). For example, if a player has 32 points remaining, they need to hit a double 16 to reach exactly zero.

  7. Winning the game: The first player to reduce their score to exactly zero, by hitting a double or the bullseye, wins the game.

A walking heart introduces you that 3 darts per round while playing 01-game

In the context of 01 dart games, a "bust" occurs when a player's score goes below zero (negative). When a player bus

ts, the score reverts to what it was before this turn whether 3 darts are thrown or not. The next player has to take turns to throw darts. If a player has a remaining score of 32 and hit the bullseye, 50. The bust occurs, and the new score would be still 32.

A walking heart introduces that how to deduct from the starting score while playing 01-game

If a player has a remaining score of 32 and then hit a single 16. The new score would be 32 - 16 = 16. Without this rule, players could potentially win the game by simply reducing their score to zero through any combination of dart throws.



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