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CUSTOM Electronic Dartboard



Arcade/Commercial Series

EDARTS Arcade/Commercial is our premium collection of electronic dart machine that is aesthetically customizable to add your personal fashion flair. The fine details and features that go into the design and construction of these machines reflect not just our persistence to quality, but your commitment to self cultivation. Well-suited for those with exquisite tastes and can appreciate the intrinsic and iconic value of classy dartboards.


All the Fun,
Packed into a Mini One

EDARTS customization arcade dartboard Mini


Look Like a Champion to Win as One

EDARTS customization arcade dartboard Epoch


Home Series

EDARTS home series is our standard collection of electronic dart machine that serve to increase the interest for electronic darts. Functionality is the main tenet for this series as its main purpose is to entertain and bring people closer with a jovial time with each other.  Ideal for beginners and casual players who are getting their feet wet in electronic darts, or want to show their family and friends how fun it can be.


Entering the Fun World of Darts



Darts reflects our attitude. Just as in life, we strive to become a better version of ourselves and overcome whatever obstacles come in our paths. In darts, we aim for the target, focus, and channel our efforts to overcome our opposition. It is because of this attitude that has our products transcend beyond darts because it’s an affirmation of our commitment toward the betterment of oneself and a continual journey of self-cultivation and self-improvement.

As you dart forward in this personal trek, EDARTS is here with you, riding out potential challenges, to become a better you.

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