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The Clubs/Associations Sketch featuring a golf cart as a representation of the club


For various clubs and associations, the arcade series would be the perfect addition on multiple levels.

By customizing the dartboard designs and accessories to best fit the club or association, you can promote the identity of the club and improve camaraderie over a game of darts. Additionally, the screen on the dart machine can serve as a communication tool, conveying membership information and campaigns, and promotions. It can also serve as additional revenue streams by displaying ads and with coin slot available for Epoch model.

Luxury Hotel
Icon representing a hotel


In the competitive landscape of hotels, having an electronic dart machine in your facility can really differentiate and set you apart, a clear upgrade in hardware for hotel facilities. The dartboards can be customized to align with the brand identity of the hotel to deepen the impression. For family themed hotels, when parents can see the smiles on their children’s face as they are bonding with their parents over a game of darts, those are the priceless moments that could be made possible with the addition of EDARTS.

Icon depicting a person using a computer at a desk

Commercial Office

Electronic dartboards can be a fantastic addition to any staff lounge, perfect for a breather and recharge. It can also foster teamwork and improve work relationships, building solidarity among co-workers. The A1 can be an easy addition and can even be played online across multiple offices. The arcade series can be catered to the enterprises that want to integrate the corporate visual identity into the dartboards, deepening the corporate brand identity.

Educational Institutions represented by a sketch of a school

Educational Institution

As electronic dartboards are a safer alternative to traditional dartboards, they can be a fun activity for students of all ages. Ranging from elementary schools to colleges, teachers and students alike can play with darts but specifically for students, it can improve their focus and concentration, and develop various other skills, such as social, kinetic, and strategic thinking. It can be developed as a house league activity, or compete across different schools by connecting via bluetooth and using the App​.

Bar owner/manager represented by a sketch of glasses on the table


The most conventional place you can spot a dart bard, but how to make your bar stand out? The design can be customized to blend in perfectly with the ambience of the bar, strengthening the overall decor of the bar. Bar operators can deploy electronic dartboards to generate additional revenue. The top end Epoch will be a worthwhile investment as the coin slot will charge the patrons each time they play, and the display board can display advertisements either for 3rd parties or display promotional content relating to the bar.

Wedding Decorations
Event Planner represented by a sketch of clinking glasses

Event/Activity Planner

Running out of novel ideas for events and activities? Electronic darts can be a refreshing activity that won’t be top of mind for most, but will be highly receptive of due to its easy set-up and easy to play nature. The built-in games also add different dimensions and elements that induces excitement. This is critical for a successful planner, as the main priority is to keep guests entertained and ensure everyone is having a blast. If you have any creative ideas to make electronic darts even more fun, we’re all ears and open to any opportunity to actualize your ideas!

Cruise ship owner/manager represented by a sketch of a boat

Cruise Ships

While electronic darts won’t be the most popular activity on a cruise ship, the elegant design of the Epoch can elicit an opulent and luxury vibe, profiling perfectly with that of a luxury cruise ship. The perception of this as an exotic activity will deepen the cruise-goers luxury impression of the cruise. Furthermore, any info or news relating to the cruise could be broadcasted on the dartboard and serve as an additional communication medium.

Staff Meeting
Community center manager represented by a sketch of buildings

Recreation/Community Centers

To maximize the amount of users playing, and to connect multiple users, A1 would be the go-to choice. Electronic darts is a safe, enjoyable activity for children and seniors alike, the most prevalent patrons of community centers. By connecting the multiple A1s via bluetooth, community events and contests can be set-up, bringing everyone closer together in the community, an overarching mutual goal shared by community centers, and EDARTS.

Recreation center manager represented by a sketch of a basketball court

Service Organizations

We share a common goal with service organizations, which is connecting and bringing people together, and the best way to accomplish that is through fun and games.  The arcade series EDARTS can be designed to best reflect the service organization and generate a sense of pride.  What’s more, any revenue generated by the EDARTS can be donated for the various causes espoused by the service organizations, paying it forward to the community.

After knowing what DARTS can bring to you, why not know more facts about us?

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