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What Is A Double in Darts: A Comprehensive Guide for Dart Enthusiasts

Darts is more than just a game; it's a fascinating blend of skill, strategy, and excitement that captivates plwhat-is-a-double-in-darts-a-comprehensive-guide-for-dart-enthusiastsayers of every age and ability level. Its universal appeal lies in the simplicity of its concept, yet the depth of its strategy. For many, darts is a leisurely pastime, a way to unwind and have fun. For others, it's a competitive sport, a test of precision and consistency. But whether you're throwing darts in a casual game at home or competing in a high-stakes tournament, understanding the fundamentals is crucial. This includes getting to grips with the rules, mastering scoring techniques, and refining your playing strategy.

One concept that stands out in its importance and impact on the game is the double. Often overlooked by beginners yet revered by professionals, doubles in darts are a game-changer. In this blog post, we're diving deep into the essence of doubles. What exactly is a double in darts? Why is it so crucial to both casual play and competitive success? And how can mastering this element transform the way you play and perceive the game? We'll explore these questions and more, offering insights and tips that will help you understand and harness the power of doubles in darts, thereby enhancing your overall enjoyment and performance in the game.

A dartboard illustrating what a double is in darts.

What is a Double in Darts?

A double in darts is a term that refers to the thin outer ring on the dartboard. The dartboard is divided into 20 sections, each with a number from 1 to 20. Each section has two rings: an inner ring and an outer ring. The inner ring is called the triple, and the outer ring is called the double.

The double ring has a width of 8 mm, which makes it one of the hardest parts of the dartboard to hit. However, hitting a double has a big reward: it scores twice the number of the section hit. For example, if you hit the double 20, you score 40 points. If you hit the double 1, you score 2 points.

A shiny dartboard illustrating What Is A Double in Darts.

Why are Doubles in Darts Important?

Doubles are very important in darts, which are the key to winning most games. The most popular game of darts is called 501. In this game, two players or teams try to reduce their score from 501 to zero first. However, you must hit a double with your last dart. This means that if you have an odd number of points left, you cannot win the game with a single dart. You must first hit a single to make your score even, and then hit a double to finish.

Hitting doubles can make a huge difference in your game of darts. If you can hit doubles consistently and accurately, you can win games faster and easier. If you struggle with hitting doubles, you can lose games even if you have a higher average score than your opponent.

One of the most famous examples of hitting doubles in professional darts was when Phil Taylor hit two consecutive double tops (double 20s) to win his 16th world title in 2013 against Michael van Gerwen. Taylor was trailing behind van Gerwen for most of the match but managed to turn things around with his incredible accuracy on doubles.

Another famous example of missing doubles in professional darts was when Peter Wright missed six match darts to win his first world title in 2014 against Michael van Gerwen. Wright had a chance to finish the game with a double 10 but missed it and five more doubles in the following legs. Van Gerwen took advantage of Wright's mistakes and won the title.

What are the Different Types of Doubles in Darts?

Darts offers a world of variety, with different types of doubles that bring unique challenges and strategies depending on the game. Understanding these doubles is key to mastering the sport, whether you're playing a friendly match or competing in a tournament. Let's dive into the diverse doubles of darts, each with its distinct character and role in various dart games.

Traditional doubles

These are the bedrock of many darts games, especially in popular formats like 501. Traditional doubles, located as thin outer rings on the dartboard, score twice the points of the section they represent. Mastering these doubles is essential for finishing games like 501 with finesse.

Double Queen

In this unique game variant, the spotlight is on the double 12. Players aim to conclude the game by specifically targeting this double, adding a focused twist to the traditional darts experience.

Double King

Similar to Double Queen, Double King centers around hitting a double 16. This specific objective brings a fresh challenge, requiring players to adapt their skills and strategies to this particular double.


These are a type of doubles that are used in some games of darts, such as cricket and killer. They are not the same as traditional doubles, as they do not score twice the number of the section hit. Instead, they have different functions and effects depending on the game. For example, in cricket, hitting a double-out closes a number for you and scores points equal to that number. In Killer, hitting a double-out assigns you a number that you must defend and attack with.

How to Get a Double in Darts?

Getting a double in darts is not easy, but it is not impossible either. With some tips and strategies, you can improve your chances of hitting a double in darts. Here are some of them:

  • Aim for the center: One of the most basic and effective tips for hitting a double in darts is to aim for the center of the double ring. This will give you more margin for error and increase your probability of hitting the double. If you aim for the edge of the double ring, you risk missing it by a fraction of an inch.

  • Use the correct type of dart: Another important tip for hitting a double in darts is to use the correct type of dart for your style and preference. There are different types of darts, such as steel tip darts and soft tip darts, which have different weights, lengths, shapes, and grips. You should experiment with different types of darts and find the one that suits you best. The right type of dart will help you throw more accurately and consistently.

  • Practice consistently: The most important tip for hitting a double in darts is to practice consistently. Practice makes perfect, and there is no substitute for hard work and dedication. You should practice hitting doubles regularly and frequently, preferably every day or every other day. You should also practice hitting different types of doubles, such as high doubles, low doubles, left doubles, and right doubles. The more you practice hitting doubles, the more confident and comfortable you will become.

Practicing Doubles in Darts

Doubles are essential in darts, but they can be tricky to hit. The best way to improve your doubles game is to practice regularly.

Here are a few tips for effective doubles practice:

  • Use a warm-up routine before you start practicing. This will help to loosen up your muscles and prevent injuries.

  • Start by practicing with the easier doubles, such as double 1, double 2, and double 5. Once you can consistently hit these doubles, move on to the more difficult doubles.

  • Focus on your throwing technique. Make sure that you are using the same technique each time you throw.

Here are some practice games and methods that can also help you improve your doubles:

Bob's 27

This popular practice game challenges you to hit all 21 doubles in order, starting with double 1 and ending with double bull. To play, start with a score of 27 points. Throw three darts at each double in order. If you hit a double, add its value to your score. If you miss a double, subtract its value from your score. The goal is to finish with a positive score.

Doubles Lock

This practice game helps you improve your accuracy and consistency. To play, start with all 21 doubles locked. Throw three darts at any target on the board (except bullseye). If you hit a single or triple section, the corresponding double section becomes unlocked. If you hit an unlocked double section, score points equal to its value. If you hit a locked double section or miss the board entirely, lose all your points. The goal is to score as many points as possible before unlocking all 21 doubles.

Rules of Double Dart Game

A double dart game is a type of dart game that involves hitting doubles to score points and win. There are different rules and variations of a double-dart game, depending on the game or format you are playing. Following are the most common and basic rules of a double dart game are:

  • How to start:

To start a double-dart game, you need to determine who will throw first. You can do this by throwing a dart at the bullseye, and whoever gets closer to the center will throw first. Alternatively, you can flip a coin or use any other method to decide who will throw first.

  • How to score:

To score in a double dart game, you need to hit a double with your dart. Each double has a value equal to twice the number of the section it belongs to. For example, if you hit a double 20, you score 40 points. If you hit a double 1, you score 2 points. If you miss a double or hit any other part of the board, you score zero points.

  • How to win:

To win a double dart game, you need to reach a predetermined score before your opponent does. The score can be any number that you agree on with your opponent, such as 100, 200, or 500. You can also set a limit on the number of throws or rounds that each player has, such as 10 throws or 5 rounds. The player who reaches the score or has the highest score at the end of the limit wins.

One of the most popular and classic variations of a double dart game is 501. In this game, each player starts with a score of 501 and tries to reduce it to zero by hitting doubles. However, unlike a regular double dart game, the player must finish the game by hitting a double with their final dart. This means that the player must calculate their remaining score and hit the exact double that matches it.

Another variation of a double-dart game is cricket. In this game, each player tries to close all the numbers from 15 to 20 and the bullseye by hitting them three times each. However, only doubles count as two hits, and triples count as three hits. The player who closes all the numbers and has the highest score wins.

Three darts accurately landed in the double 20 sectors of a dartboard, showcasing precision and skill.

Mastering the Art of Darts

Whether you play darts for fun, for competition, or for both, you need to know the basics of the game, such as the rules, the scoring, and the techniques. In this article, we talk about everything you need to know about doubles in darts, including its importance, different types of doubles in darts, how to get a double in darts, practice, and the rules of the double dart game.

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