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What is a Hat Trick in Darts? Unveiling the Darting Feat

Darts is an exciting game where players throw small, sharp darts towards a circular board. This board is not just a mix of numbers and colors; it's a test of skill and precision. For those new to darts or those who play it just for fun, the game's special terms might sound confusing.

One important term in the world of darts is 'hat trick.' It's a term that professionals use, but what does it mean in darts? Is scoring a hat trick something that happens often, or is it a rare feat that draws admiration? And if you're aiming to score a hat trick yourself, how do you go about it? We're going to explore these questions in this article. Join us as we delve into the world of darts, uncovering the secrets behind scoring a hat trick and why it's such a big deal in this popular game.

Close-up view of a dartboard with a single dart hitting the bullseye. The dartboard has a classic design with segments in red, green, black, and white.

What is a Hat Trick in Darts?

The term "hat trick" is used in various sports, such as football and cricket, to describe the achievement of scoring three goals or taking three wickets in a single match or game. In darts, a hat trick is also related to the number three, but in a different way.

In darts, a player achieves a hat trick by hitting the bullseye three times in a row in just one turn. Now, the bullseye is that small, eye-catching target right at the heart of the dartboard. It's made up of two circles: the inner circle, painted red, and the outer one, colored green. Landing your dart in the red circle gets you a whopping 50 points, while the green circle earns you 25 points.

Hitting three bullseyes in darts is a challenging feat that requires a high level of skill and concentration. It is considered to be a rare and impressive achievement, even among professional dart players.

3 in the Red or Outer Ring?

There is some debate about the exact criteria for a dart hat trick. Some people believe that it must involve hitting the inner bullseye (the red) with all three darts, while others accept hits on the outer ring. The most common and widely accepted definition is that a hat trick is achieved by hitting three bullseyes, regardless of whether they are inner or outer.

However, some players may prefer using different terms to distinguish between different hat tricks. For example, some players may call hitting three inner bullseyes a "red hat trick", while hitting three outer bullseyes a "green hat trick". Some players may also use the term "Alan Evans Shot" for hitting three inner bullseyes, which we will explain in the next section.

Meet the Legend Behind the 'Alan Evans Shot'

One of the most famous players associated with hat tricks in darts is Alan Evans. Evans was a former world number 1 darts player who was known for his frequent hat tricks in professional tournaments. He is credited with popularizing the term "Alan Evans Shot" for hitting three inner bullseyes in darts.

The term "Alan Evans Shot" was first used in darts in the early 20th century. It is believed to have originated from a match between two English darts players, Ted Hankey and John Lowe. Hankey was playing a hat trick when he missed the inner bullseye with his third and final dart. Lowe, who was watching the match, shouted "That's no hat trick!" The term "Alan Evans Shot" has been used to describe hitting three inner bullseyes in darts ever since.

The Rarity of a Hat Trick in Darts

Hitting three bullseyes in darts is a rare and impressive achievement. It requires a high level of skill and concentration. Even among professional dart players, it is not something that happens very often.

According to past statistics, there have been only 18 recorded instances of players hitting three inner bullseyes (Alan Evans Shots) in televised tournaments since 1978. The most recent one was by Michael van Gerwen in 2019. There have been more instances of players hitting three outer bullseyes (green hat tricks) or mixed bullseyes (red and green hat tricks), but they are still relatively uncommon.

Hitting three bullseyes in darts is considered to be a significant achievement that deserves recognition and applause. Some tournaments may even offer special prizes or bonuses for players who achieve this feat.

Close-up of a dartboard with three darts striking the bullseye, demonstrating a 'hat trick' in darts.

Achieving Hat Trick in Darts

If you are an aspiring dart player who wants to achieve a dart hat trick, here are some tips and strategies that may help you:

Practice regularly:

The most important factor for improving your dart skills is practice. You need to practice your throwing technique, your aim, your consistency, and your confidence. You need to practice hitting different parts of the board, including the bullseye. You need to practice under different conditions, such as different distances, angles, lighting, and distractions.

Use quality equipment:

The quality of your equipment can also affect your performance. You need to use darts that suit your style, preference, and comfort. You need to use a dartboard that is well-maintained and properly aligned. You need to use a throwing line that is clearly marked and measured. You need to use a scoring system that is accurate and reliable.

Focus on your target:

When you are aiming for the bullseye, you need to focus on your target and block out any distractions. You need to visualize the bullseye in your mind and align your eyes, hand, and dart with it. You need to breathe calmly and relax your muscles. You need to throw your dart smoothly and confidently, without hesitating or rushing.

Learn from the pros:

One of the best ways to improve your dart skills is to learn from the pros. You can watch videos of professional dart players hitting hat tricks or other impressive shots. You can observe their technique, their posture, their rhythm, and their attitude. You can try to emulate their style or adapt it to your own. You can also seek advice or feedback from experienced dart players or coaches.

Mastering the Dart Hat Trick with EDARTS

We believe that this article has provided you with valuable insights into mastering the remarkable darting achievement known as a hat trick. You now have a comprehensive understanding of what a dart hat trick entails, emphasizing the significance of the number three in this context. Furthermore, we've delved into the ongoing debate concerning whether a hat trick necessitates all three darts hitting the inner bullseye or if strikes on the outer ring also qualify. Additionally, we've shed light on Alan Evans, a former world number 1 darts player acclaimed for his frequent hat trick performances in professional tournaments. Appreciating the rarity of this accomplishment, you grasp why achieving a dart hat trick holds immense prestige. Lastly, we've shared some valuable tips and strategies to aid you in your pursuit of attaining a dart hat trick.

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It provides some good tips for achieving a hat trick, such as practicing regularly, using good equipment, focusing on your target, and learning from the pros. I would also add that it is important to be patient and persistent. Hitting a hat trick is a difficult skill to master, and it takes time and practice to develop the necessary skills.

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